Beasy Board Transfer System- a perfect choice for taller and heavier patients


The Beasy Board Transfer Systemhas an innovative feature of a rotating seat that is particularly useful if you have a severe incapacity or a weakness in your arms. It is shown to preciselysupport patients with spinal cord injury, hip fracture or post-polio syndrome (while it can also be used if you have minor injuries and need to give yourself a smooth easy changeover). Its’ rotating seat possibilities an easy alteration from one surface to another, as it decreases the pain and worry caused on the patient’s body during transfer as the seat does all the moving for you. The seat can fit a full 360 degrees and has a wavy shape which helps for a smooth transferal when stumbling blockare involved. For example, the indented part of the curves can faultlessly fit around chair legs. You will be excited to purchase this long board which its 40” long, making it a flawless tool for moving between the bed and the chair, in addition to your wheelchair and the car. It is made of remarkably strong plastic, making it aperfect choice for taller and heavier patients.

You will not repent purchasing this item through this best transfer board monitor as it will help you transfer your patients with self-esteem, eliminating the opportunity of red puffy faces and any worries you have preceding to knowing that you will have to carry your patients around. The busy board is very easy touse and you will be able to transfer your patient all by yourself deprived of any help from a second person (only if your patient is receptive and is able to help you during transferal). On the other hand, it’s to some extent large and bulky, making it aperfect purchase for your weightier patients, meaning that if you have a slighter patient you may want to purchase something a bit lighter. This is so that you’re not continuing extra weight without reason. The heavy weight also proposes that it might be problematic to use it with patients who cannot support themselves and are incapable to shift their weight. During such cases the existence of a second helper will not go mistaken.

While using this board you may need to make sure that your patient is appealingto you, as you guide them along, as similar to many other transfer boards it absences a backrest, making your patient at risk to falling backwards.  If you are a person who explorations a lot, this is the impeccabletransfer board for you as its length will make it aseasy for you to transfer your patient from the wheelchair to the car.