Pico Laser Treatment: An Advanced Skin Laser Treatment


Pico laser is a non-surgical treatment. A non-invasive laser skin treatment used for addressing common skin imperfections, including spots. Skin spots caused by sun damage and acne scars can best be treated with pico laser technology. It is regarded as one of the latest laser treatments available on the market.

With years of experience in pico laser, you can definitely trust Radium Medical Aesthetics for laser treatments. They can treat pigmented lesions on the face and body that help the skin have a blemish-free and radiant appearance. The pico laser treatment works on several types of pigmented lesions, such as:

  • Birthmarks
  • Spider veins

Radiant and flawless skin can be achieved.

A proven and tested skin treatment

When many are worried about their skin problems, more and more people are looking for treatment. They wanted to remove those unwanted blemishes, scars, or any marks that can distract a flawless skin, especially if you have a white complexion. Pico laser is a proven treatment, several studies have shown that it is very good at treating different skin conditions.

In a study conducted, about 90% of people using the laser to treat wrinkles were satisfied with the improvements they see after 6 months.

How long does it last?

Pico laser treatment results are guaranteed to last long. You can expect the results of the initial session of the treatment to last for longer. Most patients expect to enjoy the outcome of the treatment for at least six months before the result begins to fade.

With years of experience in pico laser, you can definitely trust Radium Medical Aesthetics for laser treatments.

Many are asking how often the laser treatment is done before seeing the result. How much treatment does the patient take? There will be a series of 3 to 4 treatments as the best recommendation. Treatment intervals will be 2 to 4 weeks, but it may be up to 8 weeks, especially for the darker skin types.

Every patient is unique and will undergo an evaluation before the treatment.

Is it painful?

Pico laser treatments are painless. You can experience slight and temporary discomfort. But, nothing like invasive or surgical treatments. Pico laser helps patients achieve what they desire in fewer sessions compared to the other laser technologies available. Many are asking, does pico laser remove pigmentation?

Yes, pico laser is a new generation of pigment laser that treats superficial pigmentation, such as:

  • Freckles
  • Lentigines

Deeper pigmentation like Ota Nevus and Hori’s as well as sky blue, green, and black tattoos. So, if you have that tattoo that you wanted to remove, try the pico laser treatment.