8 constitutional medicine – Advantages Of 8 Body Type Constitutional Approach


The theory of 8 constitutional medicine or body type means that treatment and diagnosis is done early. Majority of the time wrong medication or treatment is given due to the theory that it is an ailment that is getting treated and not a person, lots of time gets wasted doing out wrong thing. If any treatment is given on an individual basis, then treatment will be started immediately.

Saves you money

When you’re sick, several phases in your life suffer. You’re not very productive like before and it is very costly, before we consider any financial implications that you’re put on the medication not made for your body type.  The money and time wasted on the medication ends up causing you more harm as it wasn’t designed for an individual can be saved.

Right diet

Lots of people battle with several disorders due to their eating stuff that they must not eat. Knowing every individual’s requirements means cases of the allergic reactions to some foods will get eliminated because person knows which meals are good for their body type and constitution.

8-constitutiona- medicine

Understanding your mental health

Some people do not understand why some people commit suicide over certain problems that appear very small to them to cause such a big reaction. Knowing different personalities and characters means it’s simpler for the health practitioners to know if patient requires any specialized attention. Lots of people are depressed for the different reasons but it’s easy for a person to envy problems of other because some problems appear trivial when compared to problems others face. Constitutional medicine takes the different approach as per your body type, thus enabling the “customized and the individualized” care. It’s the fast spreading medicine field catching eyes of the people of different ages and races all over the world.

Start your exercise regimen

Knowing one’s personality means a person is accepting things that are well suited for their constitution. People struggle a lot while it comes about deciding which exercise schedule is good for them. Generally, trainers select exercises that is based for them and not best for other individual. Lots of people stop exercising as they can’t maintain the demands while it comes about particular exercises.

Use of 8 body type has huge benefits not only to people but also to the society. Using this constitutions is very important for everybody if we want to create a harmony not just to a person but also in the relationships. Apart from those in medical realm, people have failed in identifying certain factors that will differentiate different body constitutions and have seen no way to distinguish between various constitutions. Theory of body type has never garnered any attention of the medical fraternity.