Step Into Medical Field With Patient Care Assistant Singapore


Certified nursing assistant is a career that has seen a major boom in recent time of natural disasters and increasing diseases. This career has made way for students directly after high school giving them a perfect push ahead in medical stream. Cna certification is not much time consuming courseand does not require excessive drainage of the money. A student in limited fees can hold a position in the medical team with complete needed expertise. The course of certified nursing assistant gets completed within the limited period of ten to twelve weeks and   it adds bright color to the career path of medical aspirant by imparting the knowledge of medical stream and other soft skills necessary to work with the health care team.

Cna certification:

This course can be opted for by online or offline mode.The cna certification adds stars to the graph of aspirant planning for a career ahead as a nurse or other related profession. The content of this certification course includes subjects like basic body signs, ailments and related facts, nutrition, anatomy etc. The certification which will less than half year shall equip the aspirant with all the needed skills of being a basic care provider and medical patient observer side by side.

Nurse assistant certified course

If you are looking forward to starting your career in the medical field, just a four-week nurse assistant certified course can get you through. A large number of medical institutions and community schools are providing such courses nowadays. The American Red Cross provides one of the best nurse assistant courses. The eligibility for this course is a high school degree or its equivalent which is quite simple. You can attend the course in a regular class or even online if you have some timing constraint. The cost for this course is quite less and almost anyone can afford it.

The course syllabus for a patient care assistant singapore certified course includes basic anatomy, symptoms of common ailments, patient mobility, medical ethics, patient rights, basic clinical procedure like measuring temperature, blood pressure, measuring heart beat rate etc. Once having taken the course you can appear for the exam which has two parts, a written and a clinical exam. A regular course covers both theoretical and clinical procedures but an online coaching covers only the theoretical part. However most of the online courses will either recommend you to a medical institution or will help you find one where you can do the clinical training as well.