The Benefits of Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy provides many benefits to a person’s health and wellness. Physio addresses many health concerns relating to the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and the heart and lungs. Physiotherapy benefits all ages and stages of life including infants, children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Physio South Perth treats a wide array of conditions, some of the more common cases that we see include: sports injuries, back pain, headaches, fractures, arthritis, sprains and strains. Physio treatments can involve a variety of different techniques, which will depend on the specific diagnosis, some of the techniques may include the following:

  • Exercise
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Posture correction
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Dry needling

Some of the benefits physio can provide include:

Improving Overall Health and Wellness

Physiotherapy is helpful for patients who want to improve their quality of life or get the most out of life. Physio can help to reduce pain and stiffness, prevent injuries and increase overall mobility. Physiotherapy is tailored to the specific condition to provide the most benefits.

One major component of physiotherapy is exercise. Exercises provided by physiotherapists help to improve mobility, strength, balance and overall function. Exercises can complement other forms of treatment and allow the patient to take control while being an active part of the recovery process. This process often helps to speed up recovery and reduce the likelihood of the condition recurring.

Managing Chronic Conditions

Physio provides many benefits to people suffering from chronic disease. Patients with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke often find many positive aspects from physiotherapy treatments. Techniques for chronic conditions usually focus on muscle control and re-education, fine and gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, balance, improvement of daily function and the use of mobility aids.

Patients with chronic disease who have difficulties performing normal daily tasks, or who have reduced endurance can benefit immensely through resistance training and guided exercise. Those who experience shortness of breath can benefit from exercises to clear the lungs and manual therapy. Physio can help to improve the overall quality of life for many patients living with chronic disease.

Improving Sport Performance

Sports physiotherapists have specialised knowledge to treat athletes and sportspeople. Athletes are often more prone to injury due to the extra amount of stress placed on the muscles, joints and bones.

Sports physio provides tailored treatment plans which can benefit an athlete’s performance, treat injuries ad provide techniques to maximise performance.


Physiotherapists understand the importance of educating patients about their condition and how to effectively manage it. A physio can provide ongoing advice and tools for the patient’s specific condition, the treatment process and how the patient can contribute to the recovery or management process.

It’s essential that the patient understands their condition, how it occurred and how to manage it. Physiotherapists provide ongoing support and education about the patient’s condition helping with understanding the treatment and recovery process, as well as how the patient can participate in the process.

Physio South Perth can provide many benefits to overall health and wellness. Physiotherapy improves mobility, physical fitness, strength and flexibility. Physio is also very helpful for those who are managing chronic health conditions. To discover the many benefits physiotherapy can offer you, contact your local Como physio who are more than happy to assist.