Nabil Fakih – Reverse Age with Facial Plastic Surgery for Men and Women


Facial plastic surgery is now famous for both men and women who are not happy with the way they look. One of the main side-effects of aging is the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that make one look much older than the actual years. Thanks to compassionate surgeons and affordable facial plastic surgery clinics, one can now regain lost confidence and self-esteem with safe and effective procedures.

Nabil Fakih – Discover the 3 top benefits of facial plastic surgery

Nabil Fakih is one of the most esteemed surgeons in facial plastic surgery from Spain and Lebanon. He is a certified IAA Educator and is known for his expertise in producing natural-looking results when it comes to facial plastic surgery procedures. He serves as the Vice President of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and has expertise in Orthognathic Surgery as well. He is a specialist in Cranio-Maxillo- Facial Surgery and has a sub-specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery from prestigious hospitals in the USA and Europe. He is an ardent supporter of the concept “Facial Makeover” that refers to surgeons working on the whole face frame to enhance face beauty. The aim here is to produce natural looking results. He is a compassionate surgeon and ensures his clients are comfortable when it comes to these facial plastic surgical procedures.

Besides the above, he is also an author of several scientific manuscripts and papers in facial plastic reconstruction surgery. He has a long list of esteemed clienteles that include models, movie stars and others that depend on their looks for a living.Facial Plastic Surgery

When it comes to the benefits of facial plastic surgery, he lists the following three advantages-

  1. Eliminate wrinkles and loose skin- He says as one gets older, the skin loses its elasticity. This causes the brow and the eyelids of the face to droop. The face tends to look older. Facial plastic surgery works to tighten the skin and smoothen it. The face gets a younger-looking appeal.
  1. Arrest muscle tone- Like the rest of the muscles in the human body, the facial muscles lose their tone as well. It becomes saggy and loose. There are various kinds of facial plastic surgical procedures that work on the eye area and cheek to arrest this problem. The face looks younger as the muscles are tightened, giving rise to natural-looking results after the procedure is completed.
  1. Boost self-confidence and attain a youthful appearance- With facial plastic surgery, you are able to attain a more youthful appearance. This benefits your professional and personal life. It rectifies all the facial imperfections that one suffers from. The procedure boosts your confidence and self-esteem. You feel better about yourself, and this helps you to be happy in life too.

Surgeons like Nabil Fakih should be consulted for getting the best natural-looking results when it comes to facial plastic surgery. These surgeons will always ensure that safe and effective facial plastic surgical procedures are embraced when it comes to boosting confidence and self-esteem in both professional and personal life with success!