What causes the need for hip replacement?


A hip replacement is a common type of surgery that most of the people are undergoing these days. It is one of the surgeries that will be done when there is a damaged hip joint and this should be replaced with an artificial one so that the person can move with comfort. This kind of surgery is always done with elder people as they do not have strength in their hip joints.

When an older man or woman fells down, hip is the moat damaged part and when it is a young man, there is nothing to worry. As their hip joint will be stronger one when compared to older ones. There are more cases when old people used to fell down and they are because of their sight issue, they do not have grip in their legs or their legs are weak. These are some of the causes of falling down.

Once they fell down, they would have fracture in their hip and this can be classified as single fracture and multiple fractures. One thing that you need to know is these hip fractures are more common in women when compared to men. This is because as age increases the calcium level in the body of women will decrease. Therefore, the numbers of women who are getting this kind of fracture are more than the men.

Once the hip replacement surgery singapore has done, one can feel the reduction in pain in their hip joints and also one can move easily without any issue. This artificial hip may last for at least 15 years with the modern technology. But you need to be done with the best surgeon who is expert in this kind of surgery. This kind of hip replacement is needed for person when his hip joint is worn or damaged. Because of this reason, the movement of an individual can be reduced.

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Some of the conditions that lead to replace of the hip are as follows:

  • Fracture of the hip
  • Bone dysplasias
  • Septic arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Other than these conditions when you have severe pain in your pain or when you are experiencing any swelling or stiffness in your hip joint, you need to replace your hip. In this case, your mobility will be reduced. In this case, you will see some changes in the quality of life as well as sleep.

Once you have undergone this kind of surgery from a reputed surgeon who has some years of experience in this field, you can be better soon. You will be able to get out of your depression and stress that you have got because of lack of mobility and have a better life.