Top Facts To Know About Breast Cancer Diagnosis Malaysia


Cancer is normally a group of cells that have grown uncontrollably. They also damage healthy tissues. A group of growing cancer cells normally forms a lump, and that is known as a tumor. If those types of tumors present in the breast, then that is known as breast cancer. There are mainly two types of breast cancer that are present, invasive and non-invasive. There is an increasing rate of breast cancer diagnosis malaysia due to a lack of awareness.  Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the case of females in Malaysia.

Symptoms and diagnosis of breast cancer to consider

The breast cancer diagnosis can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Non-invasive cancer:When the abnormal cells that grow inside the lobules or milk ducts, but they do not spread to surrounding tissue, the condition is called carcinoma in situ (Here situ means in place).
  2. Invasive: Here, the cancer cells normally spread outside the lobules or ducts of the breast to the surrounding tissue; this is normally called as invasive breast cancer.

breast cancer diagnosis malaysia

Some of the symptoms of this cancer include the :

  1. A new lump that is formed in the breast or underarm.
  2. Swelling and thickening part of the breast.
  3. Dimpling or some kind of irritation of the breast skin.
  4. There may be some discharge from the nipples, which includes blood or breast milk.

Some of the most popular ways of diagnosis include mammogram, biopsy, breast ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Causes and prevention to know about breast cancer

Some of the causes of breast cancer include:

  1. During menstruation, the abnormal fluctuation of the hormone can lead to this type of cancer.
  2. By using some birth control pills
  3. In some cases, infertility treatment can lead to the occurrence of breast cancer.
  4. The formation of breast cysts can lead to this type of cancer.
  5. Heavy usage of alcohol can lead to the occurrence of breast cancer.
  6. Obesity and some high-fat diet can also lead to breast cancer.

People should be aware of the possible consequences of this type of cancer. People should have a healthy lifestyle, and they should keep their body weight in control. They should be physically active. One should eat lots of vegetables and fruits and limit the intake of alcohol. Breastfeeding is one of the greatest ways of prevention. One can think of ways to avoid smoking. These are some factors of breast cancer causes and prevention Malaysia, which should be taken care of seriously.


Like any other cancer, early detection and timely treatment are the major factors in determining the outcome. Breast cancer can be easily treated and normally curable when the same is detected in the earliest of stages.