The Most Popular Bacopa Extract Brands


When you buy nootropics, you have many to choose from. But for a nootropics user, Bacopa Monnieri is one of the most popular product because of its amazing benefits for cognitive improvement and memory formation. This product has been in nootropics industry for a long time now. This is why there are many types of Bacopa to choose from.

            But among the options in the market today, there are two popular brands of Bacopa that are usually preferred by Bacopa users. These brands have been patented and researched to provide the best results. These are Synapsa Bacopa and Bacognize Bacopa extracts. Let us look at the difference between these two brands.

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

Before differentiating which is better between the Synapsa and the Bacognized Bacopa Extra is better, let us fully understand first what this product is. Bacopa Monnieri is one of the most trusted Nootropics today. You can find this all over the world, but the primary source in India. There are also other manufacturers where you can buy nootropics who get their Bacopa products from Asia, Europe, and Africa.

            This herb has been used ever since the Ancient times as part of traditional Ayurveda. This herb is proven to be consistent and reliable when it comes to cognitive improvement and memory formation. This is also used to reduce anxiety. This is why up to now, this product is very popular because many manufacturers are developing this herb to provide the best product that you can think of.

Synapsa Bacopa vs Bacognize Bacopa Extracts

Many are intrigued by the difference between these two bacopa brands. One thing that you have to understand when you try to differentiate these two is that these two are branded and patented forms. The advantage of these two from the other bacopa brands is that, regardless of the brand, you are sure that you will get an accurately standardized form of the extract once you buy them.

Bacognize Bacopa Extract has the same ratios that can be found in the plant. The Synapsa Bacopa Extract is standardized to have higher bacoside content which focuses on drawing from the plant as much bacosides as possible. These two have consistent effect when as long as you purchase directly from the manufacturer. They are very effective and safe because of the human-based clinical research conducted.

The Benefits: Synapsa vs Bacognized Bacopa Extracts

According to most users, the Bacognize Bacopa Extract is more sedating compared to the Synapsa brand. Synapsa is focused primarily on the Bacoside content. This, however, can have negative effects on mood and motivation. This is because of the lack of the other bacosides and alkaloids which occur within the plant. This act as a sedative and a motivation agonist and antagonist.

When considering Synapsa or Bacognized Bacopa Extract, both have their own benefits. So you can use the Synapsa Extract during the day and the Bacognized Extract in the evening because of its sedating effects. It is best if you can sample both brands to choose which works for you.