The Journey, From Drugs To A Sunny Day


Drugs have plagued Mankind from ancient times. Alcohol is probably the oldest drug known to Man, but others like opium derived drugs have been used for medical and recreational purposes since the Fourth Century BC. Hippocrates of olden Greece eulogized the Poppy and its abstracted Opium as an analgesic fit for the Gods. But these “Opioids” are extremely addictive, and are known to be almost impossible to eliminate. Heroin, morphine and similar drugs are all created from the Opium Plant, and have been in use since the days of the Mesopotamian Civilization both for medical and addictive purposes. Cocaine toothache drops were known from the 1800’s, and was improved by the criminal layers of our society to ever more vicious misuse, such as “crack”. LSD ushered in the Hippie Movement. The list continues. Human wrecks littered the streets, until the Good Samaritans began movements to remove the unfortunates to modern centers for treatment, and our angelic doctors and nurses teamed up with the scientists to actually cure these patients. Rehabilitation as a clinical medical science as well as an art had arrived. Some Rehab Centers have become legendary. Granite Mountain is a legendary clinic, renowned for the efficacy of its cure, and the long lasting prevention of relapse.

Granite Mountain Behavioral Health

The Dark Night

The list of dangerous drugs seems endless. Clonazepam, LSD, Mescalin, GHB, Steroids, Psylocybic mushrooms, along with the mainstream drugs and “cocktails” of several drugs like ecstasy, have inundated the market. It is now easy to lay hands on addictive killer drugs. Earlier, opium and similar substances were mainly used for medical purposes by the Elders to reduce pain, assist digestion and so on. But now the emphasis has moved to the Younger Generation, and easy money has allowed young people to access the most powerful recreational drugs, which are also the most lethal. The Dark Night envelops our Society.


But evil is always challenged by the Men of Good Will. Rehabilitation was at first just an adjunct to nursing homes and hospitals, and diagnosis depended mainly on general physicians operating from private chambers. But this did not allow complete treatment. With drugs so easily available on the streets, the fight back needed to be equally fiercely focused. Gradually, the experience gained from individual and mass clinical studies began to bear fruit. The Centers now were dedicated to the cause of addicts only, and the setup and staff were concentrated to look after these particular patients. Picturesque locales created better isolation for the addicts, an essential for treatment in such cases. Granite Mountain is the name of one of the Premier Rehab Centers of the World. And Sunny days are near again for Drug Addicted Patients.