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Fructosamine is kind of the blood examinations that can be performed to calculate the blood glucose levels of people who have diabetes. Many people with this disease check their blood glucose levels with a home blood sugar meter on a daily basis. However, glucose levels can fluctuate throughout the day, and doctors often want to know the overall levels of this blood sugar. Usually, glucose control is monitored by the a1c hemoglobin test, which determines blood sugar levels for the past three months. The fructosamine examination is possible examination that deduces glucose degrees in the lastly 2-3 weeks Voorstadium diabetes type 2 symptomen.

The widespread indication of several kinds of diabetes mellitus is excessive blood glucose levels. Over time, high sugar levels can severely damage the kidneys, eyes, feet, and cardiovascular system. Therefore, diabetes is treated aggressively, often with drugs.

Voorstadium Diabetes Type 2 Symptomen

urine glucose test

Previously, the method used to measure blood glucose was chemical and exploited the ” specific non-reducing ” property of glucose in reaction with an indicator substance that changed color when it was reduced. The method currently in use uses specific enzymes for glucose and is less likely to produce errors. The most commonly used enzymes are glucose oxidase and hexokinase. The enzyme is incorporated into a test strip. When blood is applied to the strip, it changes in composition and color. It is again put into a gauge for an assignment. The contours of the examination lines and their specific configuration vary depending on the measuring system and cannot be interchanged. A glucose test is done on the finger tip is to use a needle to pierce the skin of the finger, followed by placing a drop of blood on a special tool ( glucometer ) can read your blood sugar, usually in less than a minute. A different, non-invasive method was sought, without having to puncture the skin.

The new technique is based on the interaction of ions in a special glass device that flows in response to infrared light waves. Embedded in the special silica glass, the ions produce infrared fluorescent light surges in acknowledgment to glow from specific laser wavelength. The wavelength developed correlate with the category of sugar in the blood veins nearby the membrane when a finger is placed on a glass device.

need for constant glycemic control – women with diabetes prior to pregnancy will need to maintain excellent glycemic control before and during pregnancy. The first 8 weeks is a critical period and therefore it is highly recommended that a thorough check be kept before getting pregnant if possible.