Learning About Various Birth Control Pills Intake Side Effects


It is commonly known that many of the women take contraception methods to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It can also be useful to relieve the painful periods, premenstrual syndrome, and acne. Check the morning after pill Singapore to pick the right pill for yourself. The birth control pills are said to stop the ovulation. So, when the egg is not produced then it means there is no occurrence of pregnancy. You can find various contraceptive pills on the market. Some are good and other might not but they offer advantages as well as some side effects are shown when you take birth control pill. Let’s look at the different side effects shown while you take the birth control.

What are the different side effects of birth control? 


When you first take the birth control pill, you might face nauseous feeling. However, after a while they go. It is better considered to take the pill during your meal or at the bedtime. If the feeling of nausea is extreme and occurs in three months most of the time it is better to consult a doctor.

Intermenstrual spotting:

When you expect the periods then bleeding in vagina is quite common. This issue resides in about three months of when you begin taking the pill. This pill is effective when there is a spotting. The person who experience five or more number of days of the bleeding then you need to consult a doctor. It might happen because of the adjusting of uterus to the lining of endometrial. This occurs when your body is actually adjusting to the hormone’s fluctuations.

Birth Control Pills Intake Side Effects

Migraine and headaches:

The birth control pill hormones can rise the headache or migraine occurrence sometimes. Different kinds of symptoms show various kinds of effects triggering various issues. When there is an occurrence of extreme headache then it is advised to consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Tenderness in breasts:

Breast tenderness or the enlargement of breasts occur when you take birth control pills. It might reside after some days. If you have breast pain or lumps in your breast, don’t wait consult the medical expert.

Missed periods:

Taking birth pills stops the ovulation so no egg is produced. Then it is actually clear that it skips the periods or miss the periods. When it is missed then problems arise such as abnormalities in thyroid, stress, and illness. If you miss the period then it is advised to take a test before starting to take another control pill.

Vaginal discharge:

Taking birth control brings modifications in the discharge from the vagina. If there is no proper vaginal discharge then vagina becomes dry and this is a severe problem if it occurs. Take precautions or consult a doctor.

Thus, these are some of the side effects of actually taking birth control pills.