Introducing Family Medicine Clinic Singapore


Family is the most important asset in the life of an individual. People should always make sure that their family members and friends are safe and healthy always. It reduces the chances of getting sick or sad and staying happy for a long time. There are many family practice clinics in every country That deal with all kinds of problems and diseases without any issues and remain the doctors of those families for a long time. The family medicine clinic singapore is a team of professional and expert doctors who have cured several patients still date and have some of the best services and facilities for them.

About the family clinic

The family medicine clinic singapore work to provide professional healthcare service and support to every patient who comes across the clinic doors. Male and female doctors are provided depending on the patient’s location and further offer the required healthcare with love and affection to every patient from a newborn child, infant, teenagers to adults and senior citizens. This family-friendly clinic is another settled home for people facing difficulties and is away from their homes.

What is offered?

The family medicine clinic singapore offers the following:

  • Routine consultations and GP services: the Doctor see patients every day for their routine checkups. The Doctor’s time is allocated depending on the seriousness and complexity of the consultation. They aim to provide only the best care to the patient depending on their concerns and required time. This is a very important feature of the service. The minimum charges for each consultation are $70 and may increase depending on the complexity. There are no hidden charges, and there is transparency between the patient and the doctors for the charges.
  • Same-day appointments are offered: Even with the doctors being busy, they ensure that all the patients get an appointment on the same day. This is because the patients do not always know the kind of support they require, and thus the team keeps some free slots during the day for everyone who needs urgent medical assistance.
  • Management of chronic diseases: several patients have ongoing conditions or diseases that require regular checkups and reviewing the prescription from time to time. The doctors here understand all the challenges that the patient faces and co-partners them to manage their journey. The clinic has now partnered with several specialist doctors who are highly trusted and have gained enough knowledge in every field.

Thus, the family medicine clinic singapore is an ideal place to go to for all healthcare issues and problems that any family member faces in their life.