Helios – The Expert in Spot Reduction of Fat


Helios is actually a dietary supplement which is known to boost the growth of muscles.It is a combination of two commonly used fat loss agents. The basic ingredients of Helios are 40 mcg of Clenbuterol or Clen and 5 mg of Yohimbine HCL in one ml. basically; it is a non-surgical way of treating the weight loss problemeither with medicines or injections. The ingredients in Clenbuterol boost the muscle growth while that of Yohimbine HCL acts as an effectual energy booster. Together with the combined power of Clen and Yohimbine HCL, you can now attain great results in terms of losing the extra body fat.

The recommended dosage

The chief reason behind the rising popularity of the product is its ability to reduce fat of a specific spot. Just like growth hormones Helios with Clenbuterol & Yohimbine can breakdown the body fat right at the spot where you inject the drug. But it is advised that that same injection spot should not be targeted repeatedly as that can lead to uneven fat loss and cause bumps and divots. When you are targeting bigger areas of fat deposit like the love handles, it is advised that you break up the dose into 6 to 8 micro-injects that would include 3 to 4 injections on each side. This ensures that the compound is able to reach a larger number of fat cells in a particular area thus leading to even fat loss. If you are not targeting at a particular spot, then a single injection at any location should serve your purpose. One thing you should be aware of before you start with the injectable supplement is, it can cause bruises.

Expected results

Though Helios is used to achieve fat loss of the body, it has been noticed that the effects are more prominent in and around the injection site. This is a prime reason why most bodybuilders use it for spot reduction of fat. When a bodybuilder is in his cutting cycle, he can include Helios pills in this weight loss program to get rid of the stubborn love handles or that excess fat in their leg area. Similarly, women use it often to burn off the fat in that stomach area and the lower portion of their body. So, we can see that it is normally used for targeting fat loss in any specific area of the body. It has been also noted thatpeople turn to Helios for help when a restricted diet along with proper exercise fails to help them attain the desired results.

Buy online

Helios is actually an illegal product in the US and even the government has banned it for several reasons. So, it is no longer available in the country. In this situation, being a resident of the US, if you are planning to purchase the powerful supplement Helios with Clenbuterol & Yohimbine, then you have to look for it online. There are several online pharmacies based outside the US that sell the drug from where you can buy it conveniently.