An overview of hip replacement surgery


A hip replacement surgery replaces the damaged portions of the hip with a plastic one. This surgery had its inception in the year 1962 and has since taken the medical world by storm. This is rated to be a surgical procedure where a prosthetic implant goes on to replace the hip joint.  It is quite possible that these conditions will improve, but the extreme cases could not be handled by rehabilitation or medication. Once a patient does face this situation they face difficulty in walking and this makes it virtually impossible for them to perform routine daily activities. So the patient are left with no choice rather than opting for a hip replacement surgery and this artificial component is made from plastic or metal.

Will you rate yourself to be a candidate for a hip replacement procedure?

The first major reason on why a hip replacement surgery is needed is because of arthritis of the hip joints. To qualify for this surgery as a patient you would need to fulfil certain criteria. Let us explain them in details

  • If you face chronic pain in the knees
  • No form of relief is provided from any form of pain medications
  • When you do face problems in your daily day to day activities in your life
  • Pain is felt when you are raising from a sitting position.
  • You would need to stop physical activities when you are in too much pain.

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It has to be stated that there are some conditions which might prevent you from opting for this surgery. This tends to include

  • If the blood pressure is at an uncontrolled level
  • Urinary infection
  • Poor condition of your health
  • Any sort of infection that has arisen from an implant procedure.

The preparations

In case if you are advised to opt for this surgery, then you would need to perform routine procedures. It is of paramount importance that you in good physical condition before the surgery take place. The main reason of it is that the upper portion of the body is going to need all the strength at this juncture. Then a day will be specified for your surgery.

There are several things that you need to do for the surgery. Most often than not a surgeon will ask you to be part of a routine physical examination by your physician. This does provide a fair indication if you have a history of any other diseases in the form of diabetes or high blood pressure. They could be identified and treated before the surgery starts over.

The risks

Just like any other form of surgery there is a degree of risk involved. It is suggested that the risks are fully understood by the patients and their relatives before they opt for this surgery. Some of the complications which may spring up are constipation, vomiting or nausea.

For this reason always opt for the best hip replacement surgeons in India as they have a proven track record of conducting some of the complex surgeries.