A Drug That Treats Some Skin Conditions


A vast number of skin products are available in the market. These skin products are giving different benefits such as skin whitening, skin tanning, gives fairer skin and more. There are different kinds of skin tone and type, both play an important role in the overall complexion. Also, it includes the feel and looks of the skin. Now, finding the right product for your skin is very important; either for tanning or whitening purposes. If you know which skin tone and type you have, the product that you plan to use will be effective. Why? Being aware of the skin type and tone you have gives you the right idea on which product to consume. “What you see is what you get” from the tanning injectable product. This is a claim that is proven and tested with many satisfied customers of the product.

A hormone-like in the body

A melanotan is a hormone-like found in the body. It is a lab-made chemical that becomes a drug as the end product. It was made as a drug for treating some skin conditions, which is known as a supplement. It is popularly known by the other terms namely: barbie drug, MSH, Melanotan 1, 2, and 3. Melanotan is popularly used for skin tanning. There is also great news about the drug. It is not only common for women who wish to have a tan skin tone. Even men can use the said product. Plus, more benefits are given to them like increasing sex drive for men with ED ( erectile dysfunction), fibromyalgia, rosacea, and some other conditions. Although there is no good scientific evidence supporting the said claims, more men are using. There is no claim that the drug is not safe when shot under the skin. It is very important to make sure that you are not confused with melatonin to Melanotan.

Tanned Skin

How it works

The barbie drug is the same as the substance in the body called melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It increases the skin-darkening pigment’s production to achieve a tan skin tone. Also, it works in the brain for stimulating erections. So, both men and women love the drug product. The barbie drug doesn’t change your skin tone permanently. Still, you can bring back the original skin complexion if you stop using Melanotan. So, most of the users called it fake tan. Meaning, you will have that sexy skin complexion temporarily. As long as you are using the drug, tan skin tone stays. So, you can maintain tan skin as long as you want. Now, if the summer season has ended, you can bring back your original skin complexion. The fake tan drug is very safe to use. Although it is best to wear your natural look of skin tone, still, some wished to make their summer more unforgettable. Why not experience a sexy tan look during summer? It is an experience that will make your vacation worthy to reminisce. Now, if you wish to stay in a tan skin tone, you can use the fake tan product as maintenance.