Want To Become A Dentist


Have you just graduated, and don’t have a clue about what you want to do. Just stuck, and need to make your decision. Well dentistry could be your profession. If you have an interest towards that industry it is recommended to go towards that. Becoming a dental surgeon has plenty benefits. And if it is what you always wanted to do then follow your dreams. But to do so is not a piece of cake, it requires tons of hard work, focus, and determination. You cannot just become a dentist overnight. You will need to earn your place among the industry.

What do you need to become a Dentist?

Becoming a dentist takes a lot of work, there are tons of exams, and training that needs to be, and after all you are dealing with a person’s life, even if it’s to the extent of teeth. To so dentistry you are required to take courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy and microbiology. And after completing your undergraduate degree it is off to dental school. You will need to earn doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery to become a professional, qualified dentist. This is will take you about four years, as you have to complete dental school, but if you are completing your bachelor’s degree first then you will be in school for 8 years.


Aside from qualifications, and the educational side there are certain skills that are need to prosper your career in dentistry. First of all communication skills are key, you will  need to talk and walk through a patient’s procedure, and make them feel comfortable with what is going to happen. It is important to have good people skills, with leadership skills as well. As you will need to manage your team, and make sure that they and you are both making sure the patient is in comfortable position, and that they understand what is happening.

Good hand-eye coordination along with good eye sight, and concentration is a must. When dealing with small, and delicate operations it is important to know where you are doing it so you don’t do the wrong thing. One small shake of the hand could cause a huge risk. So as you can see it is not the professional skills that matter, because if you don’t have these general skills then it is difficult to become a dentist.

The benefits

The dentistry field offers a various amount of benefits. If you want to help people and transform their lives then dentistry is the way to go. You are able to help and restore patients’ lives, and can make them happy. It is also an independent career path. If you are not keen on working under anyone then you can set up your own clinic and allow yourself to grow.Plus you can maintain a flexible life style.Furthermore the salary is pretty good too, and you will be respected amongst others because of your career. There are so much more, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Have you ever gone to a dentist, and then look at the bill, your eyes go wide, yes it’s that expensive. So just imagine how much they earn. On average they make at least $159,770, but it can exceed $257,290 yearly. And just hourly they earn roughly $76.82. Usually the salary depends on the type of dentist you are, and where you are located. Overall if you decide to go into the dentistry field then you’d be doing great financially.