How to choose a suitable sciatica treatment


Sciatica is a kind of a disorder that causes pain on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a long nerve that connects lower back down to the back of each leg and feet. According to medical research on every ten individuals, four people are affected by this disease. Sciatica treatment in Singapore shows how this disorder can be controlled. Sciatica disorder can affect individuals in various ways with the following common symptoms:

  • Pain at the lower back
  • Hip pain
  • Experiencing pain when standing
  • Difficulties while moving foot or leg
  • Burning tingling or sensation down the legs
  • The severe pain sometimes extends down to the toes based on where it is affected.

 Types of Sciatica treatment

Sciatica treatment consist of various kinds, find more about these treatments by visiting pain relief clinic in Singapore. Here are multiple forms of sciatica remedy: 

Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency treatment involves using electric current generated by the radio wave. These currents are then applied to small nerve area to reduce the pain and assist back muscle.

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave treatment eases pain by relaxing nerves tissues around the body. Additionally, it also increases the blood flow that rouses tissue repair.

Sciatica treatment in Singapore

Strains of muscles and ligaments 

Most people experience lower back pain because of injuries of ligaments and muscles at their back. It mostly occurs during sports, lifting heavy objects, lifting objects while twisting the spines, or severe accident. Muscle or ligaments damage can also result from sleeping in the wrong position.

Slipped or herniated disc

A spinal column comprises the sequence of bones that are stacked together. It combines bones in a cervical spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, coccyx, and sacrum. Every bone is usually cushioned with a disc that assists the body to absorb shocks. If the disc has been weakened or damaged, a soft section can push through a tough outlining. It is known as the slipped or herniated disk. It can become painful and result in inflammation at the lower back.

Body’s pinched-sciatic-nerve

Pinched-sciatic-nerve is the widest nerve in the body. It comprises numerous nerve roots which branch out from a spine at the lower back. When a poorly aligned spine presses part of the sciatic nerve, it can trigger severe lower back pain. This kind of pain can occur in the legs or buttocks.


If you are among those individuals who suffer from sciatica, seek early therapy by visiting sciatica treatment in Singapore to prevent more body complication that may worsen the condition. Doctors at sciatica treatment Singapore are thoroughly trained with many years to cure various sciatica disorders. They are equipped with the entire medical necessity with enough experience to cure any kind back pain disease.