All Essential Points about Orthodontic Dental Emergency Conditions


Generally, the long time you wear dental braces is considered the exciting part of your life because you can see minor changes in the position of your teeth that help you enjoy life with a straighter smile. However, as a professional dentist at a trusted emergency dental clinic in Toronto explains, some difficulties can cause unbearable conditions during the treatment. Patients with dental braces are prone to experience severe conditions requiring urgent treatments offered by the nearest emergency dentists. For example, the brackets attached to your teeth may become loose, or the wires lead to severe injuries to the soft tissues in your mouth. In more severe cases, the hard-to-access sites under the brackets will increase the chances of dental decay or other severe gum diseases. This helpful article will teach you how to react properly when one of the mentioned emergencies strikes.

Dental Emergencies that Are Experienced During Orthodontic Procedures

Generally, numerous dental emergencies may occur for patients with dental braces; unfortunately, most people don’t know how to manage or even avoid them. As the first recommendation, you should immediately call your well-trained orthodontists and let them know all symptoms you are suffering from because they will quickly inform you if urgent dental care is needed. As a Canadian resident, if you are in need of emergency dentists due to any reason, you can check the list of top emergency dentists near you in Canada. In severe cases where you suffer from extensive toothaches due to decay, your condition will be solved easily, but sometimes the bracket and the wires are in the way. Thus, urgent dental practitioners should initially remove the affected tooth’s orthodontic devices and use beneficial solutions to fix the cavity. That’s why an excellent oral examination is required before dental braces to ensure that any inner decays are primarily repaired.

In addition, performing dental crowns and veneers to restore dental fractures also should be done after the orthodontic appliances are removed.

The following items are the most common types of urgent conditions that may be experienced during orthodontic treatment:

Dental Emergencies that Are Experienced During Orthodontic Procedures

-Pain & Discomfort: Experiencing tooth tenderness is completely normal during the first days of getting dental braces under control by taking painkillers. But you should remember that highly skilled dentists should check the pain that doesn’t go away.

-Painful Cheeks: Gradually, the interior parts of your mouth will adjust to orthodontic devices. So it is normal to feel pain in your cheeks and lips. But sometimes, the broken braces may injure your cheek or other soft tissues. In such cases, you should use dental wax to cover the sharp edges to prevent further damage and seek urgent dental care to fix the devices on their correct sites.

-Loosen or Broken Braces: These conditions will be caused by biting on hard or sticky food, or they may result from more severe events like car accidents. Contacting well-trained and experienced emergency dentists is definitely required because these conditions will leave you with excessive and sharp pain.

Dental Emergencies VS. Orthodontic Emergencies

Unbearable pain will be experienced in both dental and orthodontic emergencies. But a significant difference between them is that dental emergencies may threaten the patient’s overall health if you leave them unchecked for a long time. Luckily, orthodontic emergencies are not as life-threatening as severe dental emergencies.