Taking Co-codamol – Which is The Right Way


What’s co-codamol actually used for?

The co-codamol drug is used for short-term pain relief. This comes in 4 different strengths, strongest of that are available on prescription only. The co-codamol tablets having 500 mg paracetamol with 15 mg and 30 mg codeine will be prescribed by the doctor for following reasons:

  • Short-term relief in acute pain among adolescents aged 12 – 18 years, when any other painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol haven’t been very effective.
  • Short-term relief in moderate and severe pain among adults above 18 years age.

How long do I need to take Co-codamol drug for?

You must take the Co-codamol drug for long you are advised to by your doctor. The prolonged usage of the Co-codamol will result in the body getting tolerant to the drug, and you will prevent symptoms of withdrawal gradually by decreasing the dosage, however this must get discussed with the doctor in advance.

What happens when I take high dose of Co-codamol?

Taking high dose of medication than prescribed will result in some serious side effects like feeling sleepy or sick, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing.

Can I take the Co-codamol drug with any other painkillers?

Because of Co-codamol having paracetamol, you must avoid taking any paracetamol since you can run a risk of overdosing the paracetamol. Make sure when you buy co-codamol you read patient information included with other painkillers and check if it has paracetamol or codeine. As always, you must consult it with your doctor in advance.


How does the co-codamol work?

The co-codamol drug is combination of codeine phosphate and paracetamol. Paracetamol is the painkilling drug that relieves mild and moderate pain. It works by reducing production of the prostaglandins into the spinal cord and brain. Prostaglandins sensitize your nerve endings, and causing pain. So, by reducing the production paracetamol will increase your pain threshold, so although cause of your pain remains, we do not feel much.

And codeine phosphate is stronger painkiller called as opioid. The opioid painkillers work just by mimicking action of the natural pain lessening chemicals named endorphins, which are formed in spinal cord and brain. Codeine also acts on same opioid receptors like natural endorphins and it blocks transmission of the pain signals that are sent by nerves to your brain. It means although cause of pain will remain, there will be less pain felt.

What forms does the co-codamol drug come in?

The drugs come as caplets, tablets, and soluble tablets. They are widely accessible without prescription from the pharmacies as generic (or unbranded) medicine. Following brands of the co-codamol also can be bought from the pharmacies:

  • Panadol ultra.
  • Migraleve yellow.
  • Solpadeine max.
  • Syndol headache relief
  • Solpadeine plus
  • Veganin
  • Ultramol soluble