Love the Workout, Hate the Gym


     What if you are wasting your time going to an actual gym to workout? Do you need the gym or just the workout? For many people nowadays they realize that they only need the latter. They just need the workout! However, there is also another thing that you need that comes in a gym, and that is a trainer. First of all, why do we need a trainer? There are quite a number of reasons but primarily, each of us is unique and with that comes also our unique requirements. Only a personal trainer can work with you along the way and find out exactly what you need for you to achieve your fitness goals. Aside from helping you look at smart and achievable goals, there are other fringe benefits which may actually be more beneficial than being fit. In most cases, they are unofficial therapists who actually maintain a healthy mental outlook for you without you even realizing it. Now imagine if you can actually make your personal trainer go to you instead of the other way around.

Personal Trainers have just gotten more personal

You heard that right, a new popular trend now among health buffs and enthusiasts are the added touch of making your personal trainer render their services in the place of your choice whether you have a home gym or just your den, these young professionals will go right where you want them to be. Remember the benefits above? They just added this one to the list.

No more commuting to and from the gym

Most people want the services that you get from a gym but hate the preparation you need to get there. Wouldn’t it be so much better If you can just go straight home, do your exercises there and then straight to preparing dinner after showering? That really sounds so much better than being stuck in a traffic jam after sweating it out in a gym.

Save Time, optimize your schedule

Just preparing your stuff AND yourself to go to the gym is already time-consuming, even more so when you have to drive or commute to and from the place. Your house fitness routine will save you time. In addition, You can also personalize your training sessions around your schedule.

The expenses stay the same

Some might argue that it is too expensive. While we can agree that the hourly rate significantly increased for this type of service, consider that you no longer have to commute or consume gas for transport. Also, top that off because you only pay per session and not a monthly subscription for gym services.

Bottomline is this would depend on your level of need and comfort in inviting another person into your home for this service. Why don’t you try Your House Fitness out?