Take some remedies for asthma


With the increased level of environmental pollutions, usage of  preservation techniques, rating of obesity, adulteration of food and the stress levels, there have been some sharp rise in asthma, gastro esophageal reflux disease, and allergies. Usage of the conventional medication helps in managing these kinds of issues, however asthma have to be treated at the root, in order to prevent them flaring ups. Having healthy food items can be extremely powerful as well as beneficial in fighting asthma and on providing great relief without making any more side effects later. Let us discuss about few potent food items, which can provide you great relief and helps in managing asthma later.


Onion and Garlic: These are own antibiotics from nature in order to treat asthma. Garlic and onion stimulates the excretory organs, used for an assimilation of food items in order to strengthen the lungs. Onion is rich in powerful kind of anti-inflammatory compound called as quercetin, which helps in reliving allergies.

Magnesium: Some recent studies show that magnesium helps in making relaxing muscles of the respiratory tracks.

Round flaxseeds:  This considered to most powerful range of food on universe. Having two tablespoons of freshly flaxseed oil or the ground flaxseeds can help in treating acute asthma effectively.

Vitamin D:  Decreasing the level of most important nutrients has shown some prevalence of asthma in children as well as adults.

Food is very effective form in treating various diseases. Same like that, certain range of inflammatory food items have to be eliminates may provoke the allergies.

  • Even if you do not have allergy initially to have the dairy products, try to avoid them completely because they encourage mucus production in that and thereby this block the airways.
  • Having junk food, processed food items, and sugar also avoided in order to escape from asthma. These considered as inflammatory food items that encourage allergies and trigger asthma.

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