Some major causes of bellybutton bleeding:


If the person having belly button issue, then the problem should take seriously and this is no common among people. As this also known as navel bleeding, this can have many different causes. Among most of the causes, the common thing is infection, but in addition to that, the fungal growth can also be the sourced for this issue. Even sometimes, the belly button bleeding is the result of injury. Whatever may be the cause, there is some important risk to the health if the person let this issue go untreated. If you consult the physician, they will examine you may order to the tests in order to determine the main cause of bleeding. Once, the cause of the belly button free or even the bleeding is unknown then in that case, the proper course of treatments can follow in order to heal the issue.

The infection can spot at early stage, only after you know about some factors before that. If you see the area around the belly button, if it is affected this has become swollen and colored, this is the main symptom. The next stage in this will bring odorous discharges, and then this followed by bleeding. The amount of bleeding will also vary from spotting to normal flow. The main thing to remember the thing is that any kind of bleeding is too much and if you encounter this situation, you need to consult the doctor.

The rare, but not as unheard of cause of belly button bleeding may be presence of the cyst. This form of cyst that is more accurate called as duct. This means, the person needs some connection to the abdominal wall from the umbilicus, while we are in womb, but this sometimes does not close over, because as we grow in the outside environments and because of this the occasional bleeding will result.

When the portion affected by trauma, that creates the abrasion or wound in the belly button, this may not noticed immediately. The wound may be nothing more than some severe bruising in the portion. This can helps in compromising the tissues so much, which there begins to seepage of blood through skin.

In addition to these causes, even some surgical procedures cause bellybutton bleeding, especially, for those who used this area as the entrance for laparoscopic treatment. On more cause of the bellybutton, bleeding becoming more common is the result of piercing the navel. So, if you notice the bleeding in the bellybutton, try to find the cause of this issue, and treating the problem becomes easy. Try to diagnose the problem only after predicting the cause of this problem.