Being aware of the facts related to high blood pressure along with pregnancy


High blood pressure is pretty much like medicine HIV in pregnancy that needs timely detection at the earliest. But as far as hypertension is concerned it does require close monitoring during the course of pregnancy as well. Yes, blood pressure medication during pregnancy can solve the problems but you need to be aware of the various types of blood pressure at this point of time. It has been observed that high blood pressure could take place before or after the pregnancy as well.

  • Gestational hypertension- In case of women who are prone to gestational hypertension is likely to have high blood pressure the moment you can go on touch 20 weeks of pregnancy. No signs of organ damage or any form of protein are found in the urine as well. Some of the women who are prone to this disorder go on to develop preeclampsia
  • Chronic hypertension- this works out to be a case of high blood pressure and this could emerge before pregnancy or 20 weeks once you are pregnant. As this sort of disorder does not have any major symptoms, it is difficult to locate one.

Would it be safe to consume any medicines when you are prone to high blood pressure?

It has been referred to that some blood pressure medications are considered to be safe during the course of pregnancy. But on the other hand, it is also suggested that you keep away from some form of medicines as well. Having said so the treatment is important and if high blood pressure it does go on to put you at an increase of heart attack, stroke along with other major complications. The worst part is that it could prove dangerous for the would-be baby as well.

In case if you are in need of any form of medication during pregnancy the doctor is likely to subscribe you one. Do consume it as per the recommended doses suggested by the doctor. Do take the medication as exactly prescribed. At no point, you should go on to stop consuming the medication or do not adjust on your own as well.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure it is necessary to schedule an appointment with your health care provider during pregnancy. It is suggested that you put forward your situation to the other medical team as well. They are going to figure out how you are managing the blood pressure and suggest you a course of the treatment plan in order to overcome that. In case if you happen to be overweight the doctor is likely to ask you to shed those extra pounds before you plan to conceive.

When you are pregnant you are expected to meet your health care provider very often. The weight along with blood and urine tests will be conducted during each and every visit coupled with the fact that the doctor is going to pay a lot of attention to the health of the baby as well.