Explain why green tea can be a smart way to a leaner “You”; just don’t prescribe!


Staying fit and fresh is no more something that only sports persons yearn for; even the common people try to remain healthy and fast today! The health awareness that has spread the world over has transformed the paradigm among the youth. Thus, one can see them more in the parks and gyms than in parties and pubs!

green tea

Staying fresh not only gives one a healthy life; even the efficiency in the daily life is increased manifold. People feel fresh and can work faster in offices; they can complete studies in lesser time and also there is a boost in the sex life of individuals! The best thing is that people feel astonished to see one regaining or remaining in great shape even after 40 which adds a lot to boost the morale of an individual. It is for this reason that even the middle aged individuals are today out there on the jogger’s parks for warming up!

How can natural things keep one fresh and fit?

There has been a time when people started depending upon synthetic drugs for almost all the needs. The reason was nothing but the fact that the results were achieved faster. But with time, it was evident that the side effects damaging the body were long standing. Thus, many have drifted away down towards having natural remedies, like herbal products.

Our Mother Earth is so rich in natural ingredients that they only need to be discovered! They may be slow in giving the desired results, but they come without a single side effect. Thus, many of the youngsters and even the middle aged individuals who are health conscious try to go for natural remedies, even for weight reduction or to stay in shape.

Green tea as a way to be in shape

Among the many things tried to stay lean and trim, the green tea has shown the best results. Preparing it is easy- just dip a few leaves in boiling water and put the fire off. Give it some time by when the leaves soak off the water around that becomes light grey in colour. One can understand often by the smell when it is ready to consume.

Incidentally, teatox treatment can be done by consuming green tea either hot or cold. While the hotter version gives better results, cold tea also tastes wonderful. Thus, one can keep the tea prepared and carry it along all day long to sip in at times. Ideally, having about 700 ml of green tea down the day can give great results. But it must be accompanied with a lot of exercising that must happen regularly. Consuming green tea with daily exercising can show results in a month’s time! The abs starts taking shape while the hourglass curvatures also start showing up.


Are there no side effects for green tea?

Green tea is the safest of drinks with literally no side effect. The only problem that it can give rise to is a little bit of liver anomaly. But this can be easily countered if green tea is consumed along with a lot of water. Besides having about 700 ml of green tea a day, one must side by side consume about 3-4 litres of water to keep any liver problem at bay. This can help in:-

  • Keeping the body fluids in the best of condition.
  • Remove toxins regularly without letting them deposit in any corner of the body.
  • Prevent water retention that often gives a bloated appearance.
  • Keep alimentary canal clean and clear.

The metabolism of the body is also increased but not in an uncontrolled way that synthetic medicines would result in. The metabolism is regularised and controlled in the body causing the fat to burn off at a regular and controlled rate. This along with the rich content of antioxidants in green tea helps in reducing ageing and energising the body by taking away the free radicals that actually make us feel tired.