Calculate Your BMI To The Point To Over Come All Types Diseases Caused Due to Overweight


Earlier, people used to calculate only the weight of a body to identify that a person is under or over weight. Adolphe Quetlet is the person who gave the name as body mass index. Hence it was also known as Quetlet. He presented a paper and it was published in popular journals. All the professional doctors have approved for this type of measurement and they still use it on their patients. Obesity and malnutrition are the two main findings from this type of verification. Both are severe since they affect the person’s body very much. Malnutrition is the term used for a person whose body is deficiency of nutrition. The person does not have enough nutrition that is required for his body. Hence this type of person will be very lean and fall underweight category. Hence the person should be given proper diet with full of nutrition to get his body into normal living life.

calculate your bmi

The diet is very important in this matter of weight issue. It is advisable to go for a dietician for proper advice. This will be helpful for all those who want to increase or decrease their weight. They will be able to help you with the food that you can consume to get appropriate results. If you are able to follow the same food habits then required result is no far away from you. Good food eating habits should be started from early stages so that the children will have good knowledge about it when they grow older. They will be able to take care of themselves if they are aware with good eating habits.

In today’s world, children are more obese since they are not aware of the healthy kind of eating. If we could educate them with simple healthy eating habits then all these children could be saved from obesity and malnutrition. The excess weight is also too troublesome hence it should also be detected at earlier stages to safeguard from all the dangerous diseases. It is not only for the children, even the adults also suffer a lot due to this obesity. They get thyroid problems since their hormones go imbalance. To calculate your bmi, there is no costly machine needed for this test. You can very well have the result right at home itself. It needs just your weighing machine to know your weight and a scale to measure your height. After getting the reading of it, divide your weight by the square of your height. This will give you the BMI reading. Therefore, take right steps towards eating in order to get rid of this weight problem. Try to inculcate healthy eating in all kids. Parents and teachers should take this responsibility to guide their children in right path.