Common ENT Myths Debunked


ENT (ears, nose, and throat) is a specialty in medicine that caters to the parts mentioned above. With so many common problems that you can encounter in your ears, nose, and throat, most likely once a year you will have a visit to the experts that specialize in them. From ear wax to tumors, ENT covers everything. A lot of people seek ENT experts every year and most likely you’re one of them.

But despite the commonality of the things that ENT covers, there are still common misconceptions till this day on the common advice, practice, and procedures that they offer to their patients which will be discussed further (promise). The fact is, there are a ton of misconceptions circling around it and if mentioned in the article, might as well write a book about it! Today, the common ones will be covered which are found below.

Throwing your head back or placing ice packs on the back of the neck is a good cure for a nosebleed: The fact is, ice packs can indeed help with bleeding and inflammation since it constricts the blood vessels and helps with bleeding and a good anesthetic as well. But if you think that throwing your head back and putting ice packs at the back of your neck will help, it won’t. It might even cause the blood and flow into the airway which will cause a very serious problem. The best way to remedy this is to place your head on a tilted position, press your nose and out cotton into it, no ice packs necessary.

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Ear candles are effective for ear wax: There are many things that people do to manage their ear wax problems and one of the popular ones today are ear candles. One might think that this is an effective way to manage ear wax problems but experts will tell you otherwise. The fact that you’re burning some kind of paper and giving a window for other foreign debris and smoke to enter your ears is dangerous, not to mention that you’re prone to burns as well. Using ear candles are still not accepted as medically safe and you should consider that before buying one.

Cotton swabs are effective in cleaning your ears: The fact is, cotton swabs aren’t an effective way to clean your ears of any wax. In fact, it can even push the wax to the inner part of your ears which makes it harder to take out.

Whispering can help relieve your laryngitis: Most people think that its safe to whisper when you got laryngitis, but the fact is, it’s not. As long as you kept on talking regardless if you’re whispering or not, its still the same thing. If you want to help yourself get well faster, lessen your verbal communication.

The fact is, there are so many ENT misconceptions, practice and remedies that people try and resulted to a much worse condition. This is the reason why experts will tell you to visit their clinic if you experience something in your ears, nose or throat. They can help debunk the myth and give you the best solution to your discomfort. If you’re looking for a good clinic, visit Dr Zacharia Sydney clinic today.