When to Visit an Emergency Dentist?


When you are confronted with an emergency case, the emergency dentist in Toronto should be the first person you contact. But what if you get into trouble on the weekends or at midnight? Many patients have experienced a dental emergency and did not know what to do. If you are faced with dental emergency cases, you should visit anĀ emergency dentist as soon as possible.

You need to distinguish between a usual dental problem that you can wait until morning and a real dental emergency that threatens your teeth’ health and life.

How Do We Know Our Problem Is a Dental Emergency?

About 20% of people have had a toothache or faced a dental emergency for at least the last six months of their lives. This shows how common dental emergencies can be.

However, not every dental problem is considered an emergency. To determine if you can wait or need to go visit the emergency dentist in Toronto as soon as possible, ask yourself the following questions and decide based on them:

– Is the pain severe? Severe pain and bleeding are a sign of an emergency case.

– Is the tooth extracted? Prompt and timely treatment can save your teeth.

– Are the teeth loose? Adult teeth should never be loosened. Loose teeth, even without pain, are a serious problem.

– Do you have an infection? An abscess or serious infection in the mouth can be life-threatening, and emergency treatment in Toronto dental clinic should not be delayed. In this regard, you may notice swelling on your gums and face.

– Are you facing the bleeding mouth? It could possibly be a dental emergency.

In general, any oral problem that requires prompt treatment to stop the bleeding, relieve severe pain, and save the tooth is considered a dental emergency. If you have any of the above symptoms, you are faced with a dental emergency case. Contact the emergency dentist in Toronto as soon as possible and describe the situation.

What Is Not Considered a Dental Emergency?

If you can wait for the next few days to visit the emergency dentist, it is not a dental emergency. Sometimes you can even delay the emergency treatment for a few days and control it with some home remedies. For example, a broken tooth is considered a dental emergency when it is very painful or has sharp edges that cause damage to the soft tissue inside the mouth. If the broken tooth does not hurt, you can wait until your emergency appointment in Toronto.

Toothache is also one of the problems that you can wait until the pain intensifies, and there are no symptoms of dental abscess such as swelling of the face, swollen gums, and severe fever. Waiting does not mean that you can refuse treatment for six months. Toothache is not something that goes away on its own. The cause of toothache should be eliminated by the Toronto emergency dentist as soon as possible so that the tooth does not suffer from severe caries. Until you visit the emergency dentist in Toronto, you can use painkillers to relieve your toothache.