Periodontitis – Important Thing To Know


Periodontitis often is a result of the prolonged and untreated periodontal condition quite similar to gingivitis –it is only that the periodontitis has profound effect on your teeth, and making them to loose, thus detaching from your socket at the visible form. Periodontitis is one kind of inflammation of periodontium: tissues, periodontal ligament & alveolar bone, which surround your teeth that actually leads to any infectious and painless destruction of periodontium. When left untreated for a little time, severity of this damage might result to the medical complications like: myocardial infection, stroke, renal failure, atheroscelerosis, and higher complications for people who are actually suffering from cancer or diabetes. Thus, people who are suffering from this disease must look for the professional periodoncia Madrid treatment.

There are 2 kinds of periodontitis, aggressive and chronic.

Chronic periodontitis can be attributed to fast tooth loss on the adults. The poor glycemic control and fluctuating sugar levels trigger the unprecedented and early onset of the periodontitis among adults. And, periodontitis worsens this glycemic control of your body, and making it tough for the diabetic patient to actually recover from the diabetes or live the controlled lifestyle. Periodontitis also can be used for detecting cancer and diabetes cell formation. Most of the people who are treated of the periodontal disease are subjected to the clinical tests, and making it simple to narrow down patient’s medical state.

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Chronic Periodontitis is simple to treat as well as maintain compared to Aggressive Periodontitis. There are 4 systematic steps to rehabilitate and disinfect damaged periodontium, and it includes:

Full mouth disinfection uses scaling & root planning to such an extent that accumulated plaque of your teeth & gum line are eradicated complete and debridement of periodontal pocket for preventing any kind of spread of bacteria on healthy periodontium.

Open flap debridement will be sophisticated and effective approach, whereby the surgical intervention provides better and clean deeper areas where periodontitis has spread.

GTR or Guided tissue regeneration is highly effective than the open flap debridement as well as is costly, but benefits can outweigh its costs, particularly in the severe periodontitis cases. Higher regenerative growth of new bone or gingival tissue on patient’s mouth can compensate for severely degenerated gum tissue, which is depleted by periodontal disease. Also, GTR will pave its way for stability of the implants when they are inserted to replace lost and fallen teeth.

EMD or Enamel matrix derivative is same as the GTR in the terms of effectiveness and cost, although difference lies on the EMD’s capability to reduce the pocket depth.

Aggressive Periodontitis is quite similar to the Chronic Periodontitis in certain ways, but former will be evidenced and accelerated bone destruction & tooth attachment. The aggressive periodontitis affects younger populace and employs same treatments as mentioned above, just with the higher odds of using the extensive surgical debridement with strong antibiotics.