Bored with the same old, same old at your health club? Maybe it is time for you to start working out on your own, even at the very comfort of your crib.

Not all people are fond of going to the gym and exercise along with random people, some want to stay fit and healthy or get ripped and build those muscles at their home. Many people practices this kind of routing by following on their favorite workout videos that are accessible nowadays by the internet both on the computer or handheld devices.

Unlike before where you have to buy those complete home workout video series which costs a lot of money, now, you can either subscribe or download an app through your phone to get started. Moreover, these workout videos can also be customizable according to your fitness goals.

Aside from downloading apps, there are also tons of effective workout videos available online via subscription. It involves money but in return, it has already proven its effectiveness through multiple testimonies from its clients. One of this is the highly popular Insanity Max 30 workout videos of renowned American motivational speaker and fitness trainer Shaun T.

 in this insanity max 30 reviews article

Shaun T is the founder of the Insanity Max 30 which he first introduced in 1998.  He was discovered by the Beach body Fitness Company when it searched for new fitness workout home videos. They approached Shaun T who submitted a demo which would later be called “Insanity”, released in 2009. It was termed “the hardest workout put on DVD”. It was sold through TV ads. Because of the difficulty of the workout and its popularity, Shaun T has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Doctors and the Dr. Oz Show.

Get to more of Shaun T’s revolutionary workout video series that took the world by storm in this insanity max 30 reviews article but first here are some useful tips to boost your motivation to start your fitness program at your home.

Here are some five habits that might help you get in shape quickly:

  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself-If you want to get the most out of your workout, the key is to focus on intensity. Doing quick, focused, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-style workouts will help you get in shape faster than slow, moderate ones will. If your goal is maximum efficiency (aka fastest possible results), you should be sweaty and exhausted by the end of your workout — or you’re not working hard enough.
  • Focus on full-body exercises- Including full-body exercises like squats, burpees, push ups, and triceps dips in your workouts will help you get fit in less time than simply focusing on isolation muscle exercises (think biceps curls and calf raises) will.
  • Do plenty of plyometric exercises- If you ever played sports growing up, you’ll probably remember practice being full of plyometric exercises like long jumps, tuck jumps, jump lunges, sprints and more.
  • Set goals- Even if your ultimate goal is to lose weight, it’s much more motivating and satisfying, in the long run, to work toward an athletic or fitness goal of some kind.
  • Stop making excuses- Want to know one of the best habits you can adapt to get fit quicker? Stop making excuses not to work out. Because it doesn’t matter whether you don’t have access to a gym, have no workout equipment available, or have less than 15 minutes to work out — you can still get a good workout if you set your mind to it.