Why Moms-to-be Should Use A Pregnancy Calendar


Every pregnancy requires proper planning and scheduling to make everything perfect. Couples should maintain a calendar to manage the time of pregnancy, from the pre-conception days to parturition. There are various aspects of maintaining a calendar which includes important things to do and keeping in mind during pregnancy. Pre-conception calendar differs from pregnancy calendar in many ways. Therefore, the importance of each is equally necessary.

Importance of calendar for pregnancy planning

Pregnancy planning is one of the most necessary things to do as a couple. There are days in the menstrual cycle when the chances of conceiving are maximum. Chances of pregnancy depends on the days of ovulation and beyond. To get a higher chance of pregnancy is on those days as fertilization can occur at that time.

To maintain the day of ovulation and know the perfect day to have the higher chance of pregnancy a timeline or a calendar needs to be maintained. The calendar for pregnancy planning shows the perfect day to get pregnant. For a normal menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on the 14th day, which is perfectly best time for conception. The process of pregnancy should surely be planned so that enough chances are there to conceive. Unplanned conception may lead to a late pregnancy which can sometimes affect the baby’s growth and development.

Importance of maintaining a calendar during days of pregnancy

Maintaining calendar of pregnancy starts since the start of pregnancy and continues till parturition. The entire calendar is made up of different dates that denote the changes in pregnancy. Maintaining a calendar during this time is very necessary as a part of concern for the baby. All changes that the baby goes through these days is added to the calender.

There are certain things that a daily pregnancy calendar helps the pregnant women to maintain.

1. The calendar helps in maintaining a balance and checking the characteristic changes in the baby’s growth with time. This helps in a great way to check if a proper growth of the baby is imminent or there are some changes that need to be taken care of by a doctor.

2. Pregnancy calendar helps in maintaining a proper checkup schedule that ultimately proves to be best for the baby. A properly scheduled checkup also helps the mother get the changes in medicine that she requires.

3. Each trimester has some important characters to it. The time of parturition is very vital because some babies are born premature and a proper pregnancy calendar can ultimately help the parents understand all that the baby requires.

Each stage of pregnancy is equally important and so a proper tracking of the days and the changes in the baby is very important. That decides the conclusion of the pregnancy and health of the baby.


The entire pregnancy should actually be planned and the best way to do that is by maintaining a calendar during all the stages. Increased chances of pregnancy and better health of the baby prove the decision of calendar making helpful and perfect.