What are the Advantages of Neratinib


Neratinib is a unique type of nutritional supplement that has recently been discovered to be very effective in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss). It is being used by many people who are looking for natural alternatives to prescription and over the counter baldness remedies.

It is being promoted as a safe, gentle, non-invasive alternative to hair transplants, scalp reduction, laser therapy and other more drastic treatments. The question that we all need to ask ourselves, however, is what the advantages of Neratinib are?

The protein and amino acid content of Neratinib work in synergy with an extract from an Asian plant that has been scientifically proven to reduce levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is known to cause the thinning of hair and scalp irritation, as well as eventual hair loss.

By preventing further hair loss and reducing the level of DHT, Neratinib can not only stop baldness and stimulate new growth, but it also makes the remaining hair stronger and healthier. There have even been studies conducted in Germany that show the hair growth benefits are directly related to the protein content.

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Studies have shown that it is not only effective at stopping hair loss, but that it can actually help hair grow back in some cases where the hair loss had previously occurred. The studies conducted by these scientific studies showed hair growth benefit for every eleven percent increase in the concentration of the protein compound found in the product. One of the main reasons that hair loss occurs is due to the fact that DHT causes the follicles to narrow, which then causes hair follicles to become sensitive to the signals sent by the pituitary gland.

What does Neratinib do to reverse this process? It acts to block the formation of DHT by blocking the communication between the two hormones. This allows the hormone to work on a higher level and stimulates growth. Since the protein compound is made up of only high quality protein and an extract from a completely natural plant source, this is one of the few treatments out there that offers a 100 percent guarantee of success.

Nettle root is also used in many topical ointments and shampoos for the treatment of conditions like dandruff and lice infestation, and it has proven effective against these types of ailments. Nettle root is also a great anti-aging product. The amino acid citrulline is responsible for the ability of the protein compound to make hair thicker and shinier. Since the hair is mainly composed of amino acids, taking a supplement that contains citrulline can be beneficial for improving the condition of your hair.

Neratinib is a fast-acting hair loss treatment. You can see results in just two weeks of taking this supplement daily. If you are looking for a simple solution to hair loss, this may be what you need. If you are suffering from other types of alopecia, you may wish to discuss other options with your doctor before trying Neratinib.