What a vacuum assisted birth is all about


The moment an assisted form of birth stuck you, the first thing you might be wondering is what it is all about. The term vacuum delivery baby is also a common heard term. This happens when a baby needs some form of assistance towards the end of labor. This along with forceps is considered to be popular forms of assisted birth. Vacuum delivery also goes by the name of ventouse and hereby we will throw a glance with the risks along with benefits of this form of birth. When it is a vacuum it is in the form of suction like cup and it is attached to the head of a baby. The health care provider will use the handle on the cup so that the baby proceeds down the birth canal.

The main reasons on why a vacuum assisted birth is needed?

It is stated that vacuum assisted birth could arise due to a number of reasons. The main reason arises when the baby has gone on to become distressed and the time of birth is pretty close enough. So you may need the aid of a ventouse. When it is normal delivery it does take close to an hour so that the baby is being delivered. If the need arises that the baby needs to be born in a matter of few minutes then vacuum assisted delivery is called for. The reasons for an assisted delivery arises because of the following reasons

 vacuum delivery baby

  • You tend to push for several hours after dilation is complete
  • When you are exhausted after pushing for a long time
  • Baby is showing visible signs of distress and the need of the hour is to push the baby in a quick manner than what the mother can afford
  • For medical reasons the pushing does become a risky affair
  • The mother is not able to push due to an existing medical condition
  • Time restrictions are implied with regards to pushing as per the policy of the hospital.
  • The head of the position is not an optimal situation for birth

If the vacuum assisted birth is called for, then the doctor has to find out whether the position of the baby is low enough. In case if the head of the baby is high enough then a C section may be suggested.

If the health care provider is of the opinion that a vacuum delivery is a must, and then you will provided with anaesthesia for pain relief. This could be inserted on to your vagina as well. You will be lying on the back or in a sit up position as it demands. The cup is then applied on to the head of your baby along with suction so that it does not fall off.

Babies who are born by this method have the formation of a swelling on their scalp where you might have attached the suction cup. This bump does cause some amount of discomfort it is going to eradicate after 48 hours of the birth.