Treating pregnant woman for ovarian cyst


It could be that the would-be mother is suffering from ovarian cyst and is eager to eliminate such conditions, to give birth to a bonny baby. But it can be somewhat difficult to treat ovarian cyst in pregnant women. There are no traditional treatment methods available or those that do exist could prove to be dangerous for the person. Even pain management can prove to be quite complicated. Hence, the question that is asked majority of such patients is, how ovarian cyst can be treated when pregnant.

Treating ovarian cyst

The traditional methods followed by the physicians to treat this symptom include prescription of birth control pills. Even surgical methods are used to remove cyst. The former is probably out of question among pregnant ladies. If cyst is found to be extremely large, has solid components or dangerously positioned, then it cannot be removed surgically. It is by using laparoscopy that it is performed during 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

The others affected by ovarian cyst have to wait and watch to find if the cyst clears on its own or not. For majority of the cases involving pregnant women, it is noticed that it gets cleared in few months. There are also present natural methods to get prompt assistance to eliminate the pain and symptom. The physician will prescribe the best medicine for pregnancy related issues.

 best medicine for pregnancy

Controlling pain

It is important to control ovarian cyst pain. The fact is pregnancy period in itself, can prove to be really uncomfortable. OTC medicines can be used for containing acetaminophen to get relief. But medications that contain ibuprofen are to be avoided, as the unborn child in the womb may be harmed severely.

Pain can also be managed naturally. Hot water bottles and compresses can help to provide relief to the abdomen region, which in turn will reduce the stress placed on the ovary. This way, some pressure is taken off from and pain eased to a greater extent. Other relaxation methods can also be tried out like herbal teas and prenatal yoga. Going through the pregnancy medication list for such ailments can also help. But before performing any kind of exercise or consuming anything or taking medicines, it will be useful to first consult the qualified physician.

Eliminate the cyst

For treating ovarian cyst in pregnant women, the body is to be first cleansed. Most herbal supplements are to be avoided during pregnancy, so as to prevent miscarriage or harm befalling on the baby. Liver can be cleansed by improving the diet and drinking lots of water. Only filtered water is to be consumed, since bottled and tap water might contain hormonal medication in trace amounts. It will only make the cyst to become worse. Moreover, soft plastic bottles are found to contain BPA that is stated to be linked to forming of undescended testicles found in newborn boys. Estrogen in the body is mimicked by the BPA. This only aggravates ovaries. Hence, it will be wise to drink only from metal or glass containers and to avoid freezing or microwaving plastics.