Treating Back Pain Using Physiotherapy


Today, the services of physiotherapists are widely in demand by a large number of people suffering from a variety of diseases. The most common of which is back pain. Previously, when a person has a backache, he goes directly to the doctor. He currently has another option, and he must hire the help of a physiotherapist.

Back pains come in many forms, depending on the specific area of ​​the lesion.

The reasons are very diverse and vary from the causes caused by car accidents, certain diseases or unhealthy lifestyles. This may be in the form of lower back pain or chest pain in the back. Chest pain, commonly known as upper back pain or middle back pain, is caused by many causes, such as degenerative disc disease. It can also be due to spinal disability. Sometimes constant repetitive movements in the upper body or joint dysfunction can cause pain in the upper back. Since the upper back is much more stable than the lower back, pain in the upper back is less common than in the lower back.

Back Pain Using Physiotherapy

Pain in the lower back or lower back is very common with various causes. This may be due to rupture of the ligament, a hernia of the intervertebral disc, or displacement of the disc, muscle spasm, or simply poor posture. Even the act of lifting the heavy box improperly can cause lower back pain.

Back pain can be temporary and mild, when a person simply feels an attack of pain or some sensitivity, or can be repetitive and debilitating. People with chronic back pain are better off starting therapy with a licensed physiotherapist. The relief will be longer because it will focus on the underlying cause, not just the treatment of symptoms. For some, this is a choice between york physiotherapy and surgery, since the latter has a higher risk factor.

In physiotherapy for back pain during treatment, a combination of methods is used depending on the cause of this condition. In case of problems with the vertebral discs, it is suggested that a certified physiotherapist should manipulate the disc in order to replace it. Licensed physiotherapists have received extensive education and training to gain the skills necessary to treat injuries such as herniated discs. A herniated disc is quite expensive and risky. There is also a long recovery period during which you must keep it stationary.


Massage can also be used to relax back muscles and relieve pain caused by damage to ligaments.