Treat Anxiety with Weed and Check out How to Pass a Urine Drug Test


It is essential to understand that for some people weed can cause anxiety as well as paranoia, so you’re probably wondering how it canproduce and heal at the same time. According to scientific perspectives, anxiety is one of the most common side effects of long term cannabis consumption.

On the other hand, people in the cannabis community believe that the right amount and appropriate strain of weed can also help some people treat and manage their anxiety instead of using antidepressants and other prescription medications.

Still, most employers will neglect the idea that you’re using weed to treat anxiety and they will conduct a drug test both as pre-employment checking and random employee screening.

In both cases, you have to prepare yourself by visiting this link, and we will also show you the most common ways to protect yourself at the end of the article.

You are finding the paradox between these two oppressed thoughts, and since anxiety is a common issue that strikes almost everyone around us, we have to check different studies and researches for additional help.

Anxiety and Weed

Similarly as other common claims about numerous benefits that cannabis can cure, most people and scientists that researched its components think that it is too soon to tell whether it is a remedy for treating anxiety.

We cannot find relevant evidence that will help us determine the direct effects of cannabis for treating anxiety. At the same time, strains and doses are also significant,and that is the beneficial part that we can talk about.

The expectations state that future research can easily nail down and create weed based anxiety treatments for some people, and that is a promising topic that we’ll talk about in the future.

However, for now, weed, as well as related products are taken for anxiety, is more alternative perspective and medicine. On the other hand, common instances have stated that inexperienced users developed weed-based anxiety due to the overwhelming sensation of high.

In general, the story happens due to stressed brains feature cannabinoid shortages, so a small amount of weed can easily even things out.

When you consume appropriate strain, you will experience relaxing effects, and that will cut the symptoms of acute stress connected with anxiety. But the question is which compound in weed, THC or CBD is more useful for treating anxiety?

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CBD or THCfor Anxiety

We have mentioned a few times above that some people can feel anxious after smoking a pot and even when they gain tolerance and experience similar effects can happen. However, everyone reacts differently to it, and that is why some people should avoid weed.

However, some cannabis community publications recommend specific strains that will help with different types of anxiety, and most often, they feature larger amounts of CBD and less THC than regular strains.

Research states that CBD and THC are the primary and most essential components of weed and they interact with various systems in the brain that influence anxiety.

THC can affect these systems with the idea to reduce anxiety but only in low doses, but at higher doses it can create anxious responses.

Therefore, studies suggest that CBD features reliable and general anti-anxiety effects, and the scientific perspective and proof of how this particular substance affects anxiety is still in the dark.

However, they are supporters of the idea that strains with higher amounts of THC to CBD will cause anxiety, while lower ratio can create opposite effects, which means reliving anxiety as a result.

Research that we’re talking about is still in its basicmoments and through animal trials. According to a few human studies, results were still limited and small,and they couldn’t investigate people’s behavior over a long-term period.

Check this link: to learn more on differences between THC and CBD.

Type of Anxiety Matters

Have in mind that anxiety is not monolithic, which means that there are different types such as chronic and acute. Some of them have traumatic aspects while others have neurochemical roots. Cannabis can affect some elements of anxiety, but it cannotchange entire conditions.

For instance, it can help people with PTSD to avoid flashbacks and to help them sleep, but that won’t improve their overall condition. At the same time, eachhas different reactions to cannabis and its compounds based on cultural and genetic factors.

Still, even if you decide to take more alternative approach than contemporary medicine, and you take cannabis to relax and take the edge off, have in mind that you should prepare yourself for work-related drug screenings.

How to Pass Urinalysis by Cleansing THC?

Anxiety is one thing,and you can consume various prescription antidepressants,and most employers won’t have anything to say to you unless it affects your productivity. On the other hand, they will not help you when they discover THC metabolites in your urine.

Since the researches are thin and some states legalized the use of weed, you should consider these methods so that you can cleanse your urine with ease:

  • Natural Method – The simplest and most convenient way to cleanse you from THC is by abstinence in combination with detoxification that includes exercises and strict diet regiment. Of course, that is not simple,and it depends on the level of your consumption, but in all cases, you will be able to manage it in a few weeks and at most a few months. But if you have a urine drug test on short notice you should try different approaches.
  • Urine Dilution –This is adulteration, but if you have a drug test on short notice and you smoke every day, you should stop imagining that you can pass the test naturally. Therefore, you should consume plenty of liquids a few days before the test. Have in mind that diluted urine will lose its color, so you have to combine it with vitamin B complex so that you can return the yellowish color and reduce the ability for testers to recognize what you wish to do. The idea is to mask the amount of THC by adding an exceptional amount of water in your urine. It is not simple, and it is nor 100% accurate, but it is worth a try.