The Colorado-Based CBD Company


Where on this earth can you buy guaranteed authentic CBD products? It is stated as authentic as there are lots of companies that mimic the name of the product claiming to be 100% pure CBD, which is not. Thus, Infinite CBD concentrates on CBD isolated product lines. These CBD products are THC-free oils that simply contain pure cannabidiol and MCT or coconut oil. The hemp plant of the company is naturally-grown in Colorado, in which CBD products use single-source. All the products made by the company are 100% THC-free. Those are laboratory tested for potency and purity. It contained up to 5000mg, which means high potency CBD oils.

The story behind the company

For those who have no background as to how the company was built, Infinite CBD is a newly-CBD company based in Colorado. It was born last 2016, the western cannabis capital of Denver.  The founder of the company is Stephen Ryan. The business was started in a strange way, where it was unplanned and unintended. It turned out that CBD comes out as a good healer, like a blessing from the sky. The story goes this way:

It happened that one of Stephen’s son’s friend’s father faced a lot of pain due to Lyme disease. while in the middle of the road driving the car. The man was a truck driver that made him can’t afford to buy opioids or a strong prescription to manage the pain. Now, Stephen got his hands with CBD oil and gave it to the man, Stephen’s son’s friend’s father. After that, it happened that the pain was reduced until the man felt calm, relaxed, and relieved the pain due to the applied CBD oil. With it, Stephen had great success to help a person that feels severe pain. Thus, the company emerged after the incident. The company went so far to find the perfect version and type of CBD until they arrived at CBD isolate. It is because of its effectiveness that brings them up with the said product. To check on today’s market, you will find out that the CBD isolate from the company has the purest stuff, due to its 99% CBD purity.

The company’s goal

The ultimate goal of the CBD company is the promise to produce more pure and effective CBD products in the market. Of course, it will be for the consumers’ health benefits to get and to answer the demand. The company is gradually making great achievements each time they come up with new CBD isolate products to line up with their best best-selling pure CBD oil. Indeed, the company guarantees that the money will be spent with its products going to the right investment; either for personal or business use.