Know What Is Maid Health Screening And Its Benefits


Find out the things that you were looking for. Get affordable medical screening facilities for migrant helpers. However, before moving ahead there are a lot of processes required to do. One needs to master and understand what exactly is maid health screening. So whenever you feel like you need help then freely consult your domestic helper. As they are there to assist and guide you in everything about medical screening. The reason why medical screening is mandatory is that it keeps a check on health as well as records that your health is in good condition. Similarly, in this article, you will learn a lot about maid health screening and how it works. Along with learning the importance and benefits are there in doing so.

Why is maid health screening essential?

maid health screening

Keeping a health check always benefits in certain ways. Meaning knowing your health condition and keeping them in a stable way one needs to keep a regular check. Therefore to bring ease here arrives the best method that js maid health screening process. Learn what maid health screening is and how essential it is. There are two types of medical exams in general. They are a pre-employment maid medical examination and examination of six months. Both are mandatory to receive approved working proof. Here the medical supervisor also goes through a check-up if you are fit or not. There are four types of tests to ensure if you are fit to begin or not. The first thing is HIV, syphilis, malaria, and tuberculosis. These are the four essential things that are checked firsthand.

Along with all these tests if still, if you have any other concerns about your health then you may send to other tests as well. Therefore make sure that you are completely fit to be ahead. These all tests and procedures fall under the pre-employment maid examination.

Whereas the six-monthly tests are known as essential as it makes sure that you are healthy and fit to work. Here the test process is regular and a health checkup is on go. BMI, HIV, and all other tests are also done here in this process. Furthermore, it is essential to know that physical fitness matters in this process. The time has arrived, to begin with, the most significant maid health screening. As it makes sure to provide the best service and tests at the same time.