Know more about delta-8 pre-rolls


Delta-8 pre-rolls are Sativa dominant strains that were created by crossing an Afghan Kush X Sour Diesel. Sativas generally provide more cerebral effects than Indicas, leading to a “head high” feeling of creativity and thought acceleration. Delta 8 pre-rolls is notable for the overwhelming body buzz that can hit you immediately after pulling in your first few hits. Its potency has led people to call it “narcotic”, so be warned.


Delta-8 seeds produce plants with 6-10% THC content, providing powerful medicinal benefits without causing psychoactivity. This makes Delta-8 ideal for those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain and insomnia and mood disorders such as stress and anxiety. Use strain at nighttime/before bed to ensure a long, deep sleep.


Delta-8 emits an earthy and spicyodour (somewhat like freshly cut grass and diesel fuel) that is pleasant for those who enjoy the smell but easily detectable by those who don’t. Its buds are green with brown hairs and can be mistaken for other strains such as Chemdog due to their similar appearance. As it gets closer to harvest time, its leaves might yellow slightly, making it appear as though the strain is suffering from a nutrient burn or over-fertilization – this is not so! Delta-8 has bright white trichomes on its leaves and stems, which develop even during the latter part of flowering. Its ten-week flowering cycle ensures a bountiful yield of high quality, organically grown weed. 

Delta 8 pre rolls


How much is a pack of pre rolled joints? Delta-8 is highly recommended for those looking to buy marijuana seeds in Canada! Sativa dominant strains are notoriously more difficult to cultivate indoors than Indica dominants due to their quick flowering time (weeks rather than months), but Delta-8 has proven to stay short and compact during its vegetative stage. One main cola will develop at the top of your plant, ensuring maximum yields per square foot with little need for topping or LST.


It can also be grown outdoors with a semi-humid climate despite being initially bred in an arid environment with only seasonal rainfall. This makes it perfect for growers who live in Canada or other northern climates that have harsh winters! Delta-8 is also an excellent strain for new growers because of its quick flowering times and enormous yields. It’s easy to see why Delta-8 became such an instant hit on the market! Delta-8 is very popular with medicinal cannabis users, providing cerebral effects without psychoactivity or anxiety-related side effects.


Delta-8 is ideal for those suffering from a lack of appetite and has been known to aid in treating HIV/AIDS, stress and chronic pain. Some people even smoke it to get high! However, remember that Delta-8 will inhibit your ability to think critically if you overdo it – perfect if you want some time out to relax at home after a tough day at work.