How to Get a Younger-Looking V-Shape Face Without Surgery


The heart-shaped or V-lined face appears to have become a new ideal of beauty since Facetune became a popular influencer tool. Celebrities with suspiciously smaller, more v-lined faces than they used to, from Adele to Sophie Turner, have sparked online speculation that they haven’t had surgery. It could be Photoshop, but it could also be non-surgical facial sculpting.

Unfortunately, when your nasolabial folds become more apparent and your jawline loses definition, age and gravity can cause your facial form to “sink.” We now have non-surgical “lifting methods” that can tighten and firm our facial features, due to current technology. If you’re looking for v shape face treatment in Singapore, then look no further than Only Aesthetics. then look no further than Only Aesthetics.

Facial Slimming with Ultrasound

 Ultraformer is popular anti-aging technology, but it can also be used for specific fat reduction. It stimulates collagen in your skin with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), which maintains it young and elastic and prevents sagging. Ultraformer can be used to zap fat cells in specific areas beneath your skin when utilized with a deeper setting. Your body then recognizes those cells as trash and automatically eliminates them. You can obtain a less rounded, more v-lined, and contoured appearance while also keeping your skin tighter and more youthful by carefully eliminating fat around the jawline.

If you’re looking for v shape face treatment in Singapore, then look no further than Only Aesthetics

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

 A larger masseter (or jaw muscle) can sometimes give your face a rounder or more squared masculine expression, which can be modified with anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles in the area where they are given. You can still speak and chew after being injected into the massive, meaty masseter muscles, but the muscle doesn’t work as hard, so it shrinks and your face doesn’t look as round.

Dermal Filler

 Dermal fillers are available in a variety of thicknesses; thinner fillers are more commonly used for lips because they move more naturally, while larger filters can be used to change the form of your facial features, such as in a non-surgical nose job. Dermal fillers can be utilized to shape the bottom curve of the chin to provide the appearance of a slightly elongated, more heart-shaped face when it comes to facial contouring.

Injectable therapies like anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are medical operations, and all medical procedures contain some risk, so it’s vital to have a consultation and ask about your provider’s experience before proceeding with treatment.