Factors To Consider When Choosing Synthetic Urine Kit


A material created to mimic actual pee is called synthetic urine. It comes in several shapes. Depending on the dealer, you can get it as a concentrated liquid or a powder. It goes under several names, including lab urine, false pee, and artificial urine. It has components that mimic the physicochemical characteristics of poop.To pass a drug test is its most frequent use, especially when one gets mandated by an employment contract.This article will provide a thorough explanation of the variables to take into account while selecting Synthetic Pee kits.


You must conduct an in-depth study of the kit brands on the market to choose the one that would assist you in passing your exam. It is why you must extensively study to determine the best one to help you pass your test. Ensure the reviews get provided to conduct online research and choose the most trustworthy option.

Expiration Date:

Additionally, this is crucial. You can choose premium fake poop, but if it has passed its expiration date, it will probably cause you to fail the test. Pay close attention to the sell-by date printed on the product packaging.

Synthetic urine: the lab perspective


You can guarantee that there is no chance you will fail the test by utilizing high-quality synthetic urine. Top rated Synthetic Pee kits will cost more, but there is some assurance type that you will pass the test.

Basic Components:

The key components that go into making synthetic urine are another thing to pay close attention to. It is crucial since it will enable you to choose synthetic urine with the appropriate composition. Choose a product that contains ingredients that you are familiar with to lessen your degree of worry if you are unsure of the results.

Type of Kit:

Given that some of the kits on the market get based on sex, it gets advised that you select a unisex kit. It is mainly for your advantage since you should always err on the side of safety. According to research, unisex kits have proven to be dependable and trustworthy throughout time.


As the usage of synthetic urine increases, lab tests are becoming more complex since, to reject a sample, a lab must scientifically demonstrate the selection is fake. It inadvertently starts a competition between synthetic urine manufacturers and testing facilities. Fortunately for you, several top synthetic urine brands are dominating the market.