Drug Addiction Recovery With The Comfort Of Individual Freedom


There are many ways to recover from drug consumption. Though drug recovery programs bring a positive impact to the individual or the entire society. It consumes a lot of time and money. So, it is inevitable to find a solution that provides drug addiction recovery that considers the time and money consumption into account and helps people to follow the medication at the comfort of their residence.

IOP and its benefits

IOP is an Intensive Outpatient Program that helps the people who seek medical service for drug addiction by allowing them to follow the procedures without staying in the rehab centre or clinic. The time for medication lasts up to three to five hours and twice in a week.

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There are some potential benefits of IOP and they are as follows-

  • It consumes less time when compared to the full-time rehab treatment program, hence the affected person has got time for other important chores.
  • The person is given complete freedom to take care of himself. This induces self-control of the person and develops the inner confidence to keep him away from the drug.
  • It is not expensive as it does not require the person to stay at the rehab centre. Instead, the person can stay at his preferred residence.

Some More Points To Consider

Though the Outpatient program is considered advantageous than an inpatient program, there are some cons that affect the quality of the treatment.

  • If a person is given the freedom to take care of himself, there is a chance of misusing the given freedom. Especially when the home environment does not support him. There is a mild chance of relapse at this stage
  • Once the treatment is misused,it is difficult to come back to the previous stage.
  • Medical detox facility is not available in IOP that puts anyone into a worse situation.
  • If the person is new to drug recovery, it is advisable to follow the inpatient program as the person needs frequent monitoring by the therapist. This facility is not available in IOP.

If a person has recovered from drug addiction, then it was the greatest challenges faced by him in his lifetime, as it involves maintaining proper balance physically and emotionally. People click for more details in their system to know about getting rid of drug from consumption. One essential step is to start initiating the process and come out of the comfort zone, as beginning is always the hardest. There are many people who encourage all the measures for treating drug addiction as it would bring a great change in their family and society. Whether it is IOP or In-Patient System, it is necessary to know which category the person has to choose with respect to his needs.