Guidelines to get Medical license in Germany


Approbation is a medical license issued by the German government under their qualification. Germany faces a shortage of doctors because its population density is higher. The students who had completed their medical studies in Germany are given approval after their course gets over. Whereas, the doctor who pursued their medical studies has to undergo some procedures. These processes are carried for one or two years and have some administrative procedures. After that, they may get their license. Approbation in Germany is more complicate and should have various skills.

Worth of B2 Certificate

B2 certificate is one of the most important certificates needed for foreign people who need to work. Foreign people who come for jobs should learn the German language when they apply for the application. There are some language schools in which they are certified and they are well tested and then recognized. They may face six individual levels of tests.

Before applying for the license you should properly get an idea in which federal state you want to work. What are opportunities you may get while applying for that particular state should take into conclusion?

What Approbation does?

It helps the doctors to get authorization with certain tests, terms, and conditions and also have some protocols. The foreign doctors who got their permit may work as professional doctors. Any foreign doctor can apply for the authorization and they should provide proper essentials and documents.

The medical approval has the power to work around and within the federal states of Germany. If they had job experience after getting a medical they can work in European countries too.

Approbation in Germany

Common things to be followed to acquire a medical license are:

  • The students should complete their higher studies in the field of medicine
  • The student should be trained at a minimum of 11 months
  • The students have to provide the first aid certificate and they must be trained
  • The student must take over clinical exercise no less than 13 weeks
  • The student should own 17 weeks for the medical constitution

While entering into the document, the students must undergo three levels of test or examinations:

Level 1: Instance Medical exam

At the level of exam, the student must study and they should complete their pre-medical course at least for 24 months. They are validated by written and oral tests and look into their expertise in the field of biology, anatomy, and psychology.

Level 2: Written blue book

This test occurs after the completion of clinical schooling and the student must be passed in the intermediate level of the test.

Level 3: Oral Authorization Test

This test had held after completing the clinical course for 6 years. The student should be trained at a minimum of 11 months. On condition that student should be passed in the written test. After clearing the above two levels the third level of the test happens.